May 14, 2013

Stranger,   Patsy stood here like a rock

Before Tanuri’s  hateful horde,

And scattered them with awe and shock

With her righteous sword.

–May,  2013

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When her HOA tried to prevent her from applying decorative tile to a wall,   a friend sued and won,  inspiring poetry.   These were some left over verses from that fray.


Rest,  Pilgrim,  in this ceramic space,

Drink the colors born of strife,

When Tanuri tyrants who claimed my life

Perished here and left no trace.


Pause,   Egoist,  from life’s chase,

Where,   like me,   you stand and fight

For all that’s truly ours by right,

Enshrined in this ceramic space.


HOA  thugs know not of

Ceramic beauty that I share

With egoists unafraid to bare

Their hearts and dare to love.

–May,  2013

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A power-mad HOA tried to prevent a friend of mine from putting decorative tile on a wall at her home.  She sued the HOA and won,  inspiring this sonnet.


At this wall Patricia stood,

‘Gainst the blubbering and spew,

Of   Tanuri’s  jealous crew,

Who hated good for being good.

Like a goddess there with fiery eyes,

Her visage staunch and pitiless,

She scorned the whimpering and cries,

And flailed the sword of righteousness.

Brutes saw reality too late

And found a stark and lonely fate;

So speak out,  Stranger,  my witness be,

Say Free men must do more than dream,

For freedom springs from victory,

Enshrined,  now,   in  ceramic    gleam.

–May,   2013

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