October 27, 2017


An ape-like form appeared with club in hand,
Cast by seraphs from a peaceful land,
The crafty outcast, battered child of strife,
The king of killers, now, that honored life.

The teeming world he claimed as his domain,
And, clad in color, challenged Death’s dreary reign;
The creature stood erect and laid his plan
Against the Tyrant, so the chase began.

As the outlaw trailed Him down the centuries,
Death called on gods from all the skies and seas;
Then rallied other allies standing by,
Those who hated life but lived a lie:

Priests in black who promised paradise,
Shabby saints with creeds of sacrifice,
Politicos with power as their aim,
All parasites for whom theft was a game;

O’erwhelmed by truth, all these fled the fray,
And the hunter found his foe alone one day,
When even Time had left its twin behind,
Vanquished by the weapon of the mind.

–June 2013, added to “Sonnets to the Hunter”

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