October 11, 2008

The assassination of Anwar Sadat was the pivotal political disaster of our lifetime.    This heroic statesman acted against his religion,  his race–against all Arab traditions to make peace with Israel.

Sadat gazed ‘cross the angry sand

And puffed the pipe held in his hand;

The smoke curled like a living breath

‘Round Arab monuments to death.

Defying blind belief and blood,

Anwar held the eastern flood,

A tide–the wailing turbaned horde

Of faceless converts of the sword;

Then turned to tell the Jewish State

That mind must rule instead of Fate;

That prophets who damn man for joy

Can howl to heal,  not to destroy.

A greater than Mahound stood here,

This traitor to the Pharoh’s sneer;

A giant who chose to decrease:

The price that wisdom asked for peace.

–from “Hodgepodge,”  1990

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