January 16, 2017


I didn’t know how to love you, Never knew what to do,
I never let me be me, Never let you be you;
You were like an angel, One that I couldn’t touch,
While I was longing To hold you so much.

Love was a dance, girl, I couldn’t go with the flow,
My steps out of rhythm, Too fast or too slow,
I couldn’t get with the music, Never heard that old song,
Didn’t know the right notes, dear, And could not sing along.

You wanted me near you, I tried to believe,
But I stayed in the shadows, And caused you to grieve;
I didn’t tell you my feelings, Afraid of your frown,
Didn’t let you love me, Feared weighing you down.

I didn’t want to be needy, And hid my heart on a shelf,
I should have been selfish, And thought of myself,
You offered your kisses, You wanted to share,
I should have been bold then, And taken the dare.

I was false to you, dear one, Not honest or true,
Never let me be me, ` And never let you be you.

I didn’t know how to love you, Didn’t know what to do,
Never let me be me, Never let you be you…

–January 2017

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